In anticipation of the upcoming basketball season, the Cal High Women’s Program will be providing a strength and conditioning program to prepare for the upcoming season. The program will be held in the Cal High Weight Room and will include cardio, strength, and flexibility training.

Sessions will begin on Monday 08/16/21, taking place every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30pm until formal basketball practices commence. Sessions will include the following format:

Warm-up Exercises – Body Weight Movements, Band/PVC Pipe Stretches, etc.
Strength Conditioning – Basic weight movements such as squats, front squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.
Workout of the Day (WOD) – 10 to 30-minute mixed workout including cardio and strength exercises
Core Body Conditioning – Planks, sit-ups, leg lifts, etc.

The program will begin with learning basic movements and utilizing body weight/low weight exercises to learn proper form. Workouts will build upon previous sessions, but each individual workout will be tailored to fit the specific capabilities of each student.

COVID Safety Protocols will be fully enforced. A sign in sheet will be maintained and masks are required for all indoor training. Cleaning supplies will be provided.

Weight room activities will be closely monitored, and new students will be required to review safe lifting practices with the instructor prior to participating in the classes.

Participation Waiver must be completed to participate: click here

If you have any questions, please contact Frank Grgurina: / (510) 701-9574 or
George Pratt: